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Monthly Hyundai subscription cars

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The short-term car hire market is fragmented so we want to make finding the right car easy for you. We partner with approved vehicle subscription companies to bring you the best, in-stock Hyundai cars so you can always find one that's available.

We want to give our users access to every subscription car available today, so they can find the best one for them. Use our car search tool to narrow down your search.

Remember, our car inventory depends on UK subscription providers, so the range of cars you’ll see depends on what subscription vehicles they currently have in stock.

How to get a Hyundai on subscription?

It’s time to find your next car! Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Browse all available cars
  2. Find a subscription company that has it in stock
  3. Head over to their website
  4. Sign up and add your personal information
  5. Pick a subscription term (usually a monthly rolling but some providers require a minimum 3-month commitment)
  6. Pay initial subscription deposit (if applicable)
  7. Select a delivery date for your new car!

What’s included in the monthly vehicle subscription cost?

Unlike leasing and other types of car finance, subscription services include all costs related to car ownership, including:

  • Regular vehicle maintenance
  • Servicing for when things go wrong
  • Breakdown cover
  • Car insurance
  • Road tax
  • Yearly MOT
  • Car collection and delivery (some providers charge for this)

What is the most popular Hyundai car in the UK?

The most popular model is the Hyundai i10 with 50,855 new car sales in Q1 of 2022. Use our car search to find one on subscription today!

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Common questions about this manufacturer

What electric models does Hyundai have?

Hyundai has a range of electric vehicles including the IONIQ Electric subcompact hatchback. They also have plans to launch 11 new EVs by 2030. Additionally, their luxury brand Genesis will introduce six new EVs, including two electric passenger cars and four SUVs.

Does Hyundai have hybrid cars?

Yes, Hyundai has a range of hybrid cars including the IONIQ Plug-in Hybrid, and SANTA FE Plug-in Hybrid. The IONIQ Plug-in Hybrid can run for nearly 36 miles without producing a single emission from its tailpipe. The SANTA FE Plug-in Hybrid delivers combined 265 PS of combined power output and an all-electric mode at the push of a button.

How safe are Hyundai cars?

Hyundai cars are known for their safety. Hyundai is tied for the highest number of IIHS Top Safety Pick+ and Top Safety Pick awards, making them extremely safe vehicles. Hyundai cars include advanced electronic safety systems that watch out for you and prevent accidents from happening. They also have passive safety features such as reinforced chassis and specific crumple zones designed to keep you safe in case of a collision. Hyundai’s SmartSense driver assistance system provides additional safety features such as braking to avoid collisions and detecting vehicles in your blind spot.

What are some good Hyundai alternatives?

If you’re interested in a hybrid car like the Hyundai IONIQ, a good alternative would be the Toyota Prius. For a compact SUV like the Hyundai Kona, some alternatives include the Ford Puma, Peugeot 2008 and Volkswagen T-Roc.

How to choose the right Hyundai for me

Choosing the right Hyundai for you depends on your personal needs and preferences. Some factors to consider when choosing a car include your budget, the size of the car you need, fuel efficiency, safety features and technology. It’s also important to think about how you’ll be using the car - for example, if you’ll be driving mostly in the city or on motorways.

What are the benefits of subscribing to a Hyundai?

One of the biggest advantages of a Hyundai subscription is flexibility. You have the freedom to drive the car for as many days as you need, and then return it to the company. Plus, you can switch between different models of Hyundai cars, depending on your mood and preferences. No more worrying about unexpected maintenance costs or hefty down payments! With a subscription, all you have to do is enjoy your ride, while the company takes care of the rest. And, with some subscription services offering comprehensive insurance and servicing, you can have complete peace of mind on the road.

A brief history of Hyundai

Hyundai started off as a small company in South Korea but has come a long way since then. It is now one of the world's largest car makers and sells its vehicles in more than 170 countries.

Hyundai was founded in 1947 by Chung Ju-yung. The name Hyundai comes from the Korean word for "modernity." It was originally called Hyundai Motor Company and was established under the name of Kia Motors when it was formed in 1967. In 1975, Hyundai Motor Company merged with Kia Motors to become Hyundai Kia Automotive Group.

The first Hyundai car was produced in 1968 and it was called the Pony sedan. It was followed by another sedan called the Cortina Mark II which was released in 1969. The Pony sedan wasn't available in the UK until 1971 because it wasn't suitable for European driving conditions due to its rear-wheel drive layout.

Hyundai's popularity in the UK began when it introduced its first small car called Excel into Europe in 1984. This model had an affordable price tag and had good fuel economy so it became popular with drivers who wanted something economical without giving up too much style or comfort.

1. Subscription cost is based on the average price of all subscription cars for this brand from four UK providers in April 2023.
2. Car brand popularity based on the number of new car sales in the UK. Data taken from SMMT for February 2023.
3. Most popular model is based on data on vehicle licensing in the UK. Data taken from GOV.UK for Q4 of 2022.

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