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Hyundai Tucson on subscription

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Why pick the Hyundai Tucson?

Hyundai Tucson is a good option if you're looking for a car that has proven as a reliable car.

Safety features that meet the latest standards in its class, including standard automatic emergency braking and lane departure warning systems to help reduce accidents caused by driver error or distraction (the latter of which can be especially helpful when driving on unfamiliar roads).

And it also offers optional blind spot detection systems that alert you when another vehicle is present in your blind spots on either side.

If anything, though, I wish Hyundai had included a rearview camera as well—and maybe even adaptive cruise control technology—but at least those features are available at extra cost if they're important to you!

The Tucson's build quality is also excellent; there's nothing cheap feeling about this car whatsoever (unlike some other budget SUVs). It feels solidly built with high-quality materials throughout, so much so that after spending several weeks with it now I'm still impressed by how solid everything feels overall, especially considering how inexpensively priced this SUV was!

The infotainment system works very well overall too thanks largely due to its responsive touch screen interface plus intuitive voice controls via Siri/Alexa integration—and since all trim levels come equipped with these features standard without any additional charges such hiccups weren't an issue during our testing period either!

But while this car has a lot going for it, there are some downsides. It’s a little expensive (unless you snatch one on a subscription). It can be underpowered and noisy at times. And the automatic transmission is slow to shift between gears when you want it to—not what you want when trying to keep up with traffic on busy roads.

If you are in the market for a family car, the Hyundai Tucson is a good option. It has a spacious interior that can seat 5 people comfortably. The glove box and door pockets provide ample space to store your belongings while the 60/40-split back seat folds down to accommodate larger items such as luggage or groceries. While the Tucson is capable of hauling heavy loads, it tends to struggle with steep inclines due to its tall height.

The Tucson handles well on city streets and highways thanks to its responsive steering.

However, if you plan on taking this car off-roading often then you should probably look elsewhere as it lacks 4WD capabilities and will not perform well in rugged terrains like sand dunes or muddy trails.

When you weigh up all the pros and cons, should you get a Hyundai Tucson? If you live in city or urban areas and need something that can handle stop-start driving, then yes. The Tucson is comfortable to drive and has great storage space for its size. If you want something to take on longer journeys, then maybe consider other options that offer better performance.

That's not to say it's the best family car on the market, but for those who want an SUV or crossover that doesn't sacrifice comfort or handling, it ticks all the right boxes. The interior is well appointed and feels luxurious compared to other cars in its class.

On top of that, its fuel efficiency earns it bonus points (though if you don't mind paying more at the pump, then go ahead and opt for one of its more powerful engines).  

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