The 5 cheapest cars on subscription

The 5 cheapest cars on subscription

We take a look at the cheapest cars you can get on subscription in the UK.
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✔️  There are many cars on subscriptions which won't break the bank.

✔️  The cheapest car we could find starts from £288 per month.

✔️  Car subscriptions are a growing trend so why not try the service with a cheap small car?

Everyone likes a good value – especially when it comes to cars. We take a look at the cheapest cars you can get on subscription in the UK. Also, you may want to check this guide which explains what affects the cost of car subscription.

Historically, you will have had to worry about the monthly running costs but with a subscription, all of that is taken care of. You have to budget for one simple, all-inclusive monthly bill.

1. Renault Zoe ZE40

  • Battery: 42.2 kWh
  • Range: 155 miles
  • 0-62mph: 14.4 secs
  • Cost: from £339/month (Onto)

Well worth considering. The electric Zoe arrived back in 2018 and has won wide acclaim for its good looks, interior design and comfort.

Among the most striking features were surprising cabin room availability, which is great for a small family.

Of course, the Zoe was never intended to be a performance car, but because it’s electric, you may have some fun when pushing down the pedal. It’s most at home fulfilling relatively mundane driving tasks – albeit with a touch of style.

It’s a great little car that will fit everywhere in the big city and yet still be able to conquer the motorway without any issues.

2. Hyundai I10

Source: Hyundai
  • Engine: Petrol
  • Fuel economy: 56mpg (combined)
  • 0-62mph: 14.7 secs
  • Cost: from £288/month (Wagonex)

The Hyundai i10 is easily one of the best city cars one can get. It’s very much up against Volkswagen Up, which is one of the best in this class.  

The i10 is a lovely-looking little thing with an elegance and, now, recognisable shape. Despite its size, it performs well at higher motorway speeds, where the stable I10 almost feels like a car from a bigger class. Reviewers of ten say that even the Volkswagen Up can’t match this level of refinement.

This is one of the Korean company’s strongest, most likeable products and it should be top of anyone’s list if they’re looking for a superb supermini machine on subscription.

3. Fiat 500

Source: Fiat
  • Engine: Hybrid (Petrol)
  • Fuel economy: 53mpg (combined)
  • 0-62mph: 12.9 secs
  • Cost: from £269/month (Cazoo)

The latest 500 is Fiat’s next big ambitious making a hybrid. Adding another new car to the already loved 500 family.  It’s a small city car without the compromises.

Fiat has taken its creation very seriously, and, remarkably, intends this to be its biggest-selling model globally.

In terms of driving, it drives  well too, and, unlike most other cars in this small-car class, it’s more than capable of tackling a long motorway stint. Refinement and stability are both class leading and Fiat has come a long way!

Fuel efficiency here is a big plus which means you won’t have to fork out that much more on top of your monthly car subscription payment.

4. Hyundai IONIQ Electric

Source: Hyundai
  • Battery: 40.4 kWh
  • Range: 155 miles
  • 0-62mph: 9.7 secs
  • Cost: from £419/month (Onto)

You can now get Hyundai’s all-electric IONIQ which is a welcome entry into the practical family car class. Just as previous hybrid models, it’s a sensible, five-door hatch along the same lines as the Toyota Prius. It’s a strong contender to the entry-level Nissan Leaf.

It comes with an increased battery capacity and sports a more powerful motor too, up from 88kW to 100kW, or 134bhp in more traditional terms. This means the 0-62mph time has drops to 9.7 seconds which is still pretty exciting!

The IONIQ isn’t a Tesla, but it’s not trying to be one. It’s an affordable, easy to drive, family car which doesn’t cost the earth. Plus, it’s one of the cheapest you can get on subscription, so why not give it try for a few months?

5. Ford Fiesta ST

Source: Ford
  • Engine: Hybrid (Petrol)
  • Fuel economy: 54mpg (combined)
  • 0-62mph: 9.9 secs
  • Cost: from £299/month (Cazoo)

We’re entering a more exciting area here with the Fiesta ST. Undoubtedly, a widely preferred model which has grown in popularity over the past few years. But now it comes in an all-new hybrid option.

The ride’s less punishing than before, but still a bit hard at times. The payoff is that great handling the ST offers – something you can really feel in swirly country lanes.

It’s a clever reinvention of the already great model. It’s a car suitable for any occasion, road or preference – it handles anything you throw at it, and looks handsome at it! It is certainly one of more exciting budget subscription models you can pick.

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