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5 good reasons to get a car on a subscription

Still unsure whether subscribing to a car is right for you? Read this.
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  • If you're not so hot about car ownership and just want to enjoy driving, a car subscription would take care of all commitments.
  • You have access to hundreds of cars available through various subscription services, you just need to find the right one.
  • With subscriptions you get a lot of flexibility and transparency which isn't always the case when buying a car.
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Buying a car is exciting, especially if you cannot wait to pay off your car finance agreement and get a new vehicle after years of being tied into a PCP or HP contract.

The first decision is whether to buy a new car or a used one. It’s no secret that new cars’ value begins depreciating the moment they leave the showroom (losing up to 40% over three years!).

Used cars are a good option too, especially if you find a dependable car model that has been looked after by its previous owners.

But what if you don’t want to throw money away by getting a car that loses its value quickly, and you don’t trust driving an older, pre-owned vehicle?

A car subscription may be the right option for you! It’s an alternative to car ownership which offers the flexibility and convenience you expect from all your other regular subscriptions.

We looked at the main concern UK drivers have when buying a car, we also spoke to one of our staff motoring experts, and looked at new car trends to put together a list of all the good reasons why one might consider subscribing to a car!

All the benefits of owning a car without the commitments

Not having to worry about your MOT, servicing and maintenance, road tax and insurance can really give you peace of mind!

Subscription companies would arrange for all of the above on your behalf and will help you focus on driving a good car without the headaches that may come with any other way of owning a car.

No negotiations and endless paperwork. The whole process from start to finish is so streamlined that the biggest worry is just finding the right car. Then again, if you decide the chosen vehicle isn’t for you, you can just swap it for another one after a month.

Some providers have mobile apps which can take care of most things related to your vehicle subscription. You can view your documents, mileage, payments and even browse for a new car!

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Easy budgeting with one, all-inclusive monthly payment

It’s worth mentioning again that by subscribing to a car, you won’t have to worry about getting trapped in unnecessary debt. However, another big plus is the fact that all the usual car expenses are factored into one, flat monthly payment.

This way you know how much exactly you’ll need to pay for your car and better understand what you can afford. A surprise breakdown or a problem with your car will be covered by your monthly payment! Wagonex for example, include roadside assistance as part of their subscription.

That means no additional out of pocket expenses aside from fuel and screen wash fluid!

However, you don’t even have to think about fuel with Onto who offer free EV charging at locations like BP Pulse, Shell Recharge and Tesla Superchargers! Talk about convenience!

No hidden fees, no surprise costs, no negotiation – pure bliss for those who just want to enjoy driving!

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Easy access to the latest, most exciting cars

What if you had a garage with unlimited room to fit every car model available? Well, that sounds a bit overwhelming but the point is that you have access to a rich inventory of cars. Cars you can swap as often as every month if you wanted to!

Subscription companies will deliver your chosen vehicle to your door. If you live far from where the car is located (e.g. +50 miles) they may charge you a small delivery fee (e.g. £40-£60) but you know it will be delivered on a day you choose.

When you decide to change your car or cancel your subscription, a collection from your home can be arranged.

That’s right, get behind the wheel of a different car every time you drive back to your hometown. Or pick a specific car for your next road trip.

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Try owning your dream car before you buy it

Many people treat car subscriptions as longer test drives. It’s not a surprise that people want to experience a car to its full and see if it’s right for them. Subscriptions allow for this and providers are happy if the intent is to never subscribe to a car for a long time.

Do you want to try an EV like Audi e-Tron or a Tesla Model 3 but don’t want to put down large deposits and commit to a finance contract? You can do that.

Especially when we talk about electric cars and most UK motorists haven’t owned one yet. Here are our five good reasons to subscribe to an EV!

It’s estimated that there are over 365,000 fully electric cars on UK roads as of November 2021.

There are many unknowns related to charging and the charging network, maintenance (or lack thereof), the driving experience... Electric vehicles can offer a very different driving experience when compared to your usual petrol or diesel car.

Subscriptions make this easy and if you like the car, maybe you can decide to buy it for yourself. If you don’t like it, well there aren’t any strings attached!

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Manage your car and subscription easily online

Gone are the days when you had to visit your local car dealership. The process of buying a car, servicing, maintenance, accident repairs are all traditionally often managed offline.

Times are changing and people have high expectations from the services they pay for. We expect to always find someone at the other side of a live chat or a quick response to an email enquiry.

Enter subscription where drivers can handle all usual car commitments either through a mobile app or website.

No more paperwork and physical signatures. Getting a car on subscription is also easier on your credit report, especially if you have a bad credit score or no previous credit history.

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Are car subscriptions a good idea? Subscription services make car ownership more honest, transparent, and flexible so your life can be easier.

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Browse all cars available on subscription

There are hundreds of cars available via UK subscription companies.

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