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Common questions about EV charging

How do you pay at electric charging stations?

Paying for your EV charging is super easy. You can use your card, contactless payment, an app on your phone, or pay with coins by inserting them into the machine. Alternatively, you can pay via the charging network's own app (E.g. BP Pulse, Alfa Power).

You can also download Zap-Map to plan your journeys and pay for charging. The app integrates with most UK charge points so you don't have to worry about downloading different apps. Keep this in mind if you want to subscribe to an electric car.

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How many EV charging points are there in the UK?

At the end of October 2022, there were more than 35,000 EV charging points across more than 21,000 charging locations in the UK.

About 6% of them are ultra-rapid charges which get can your car topped a lot more quickly! You can be sure that there will be a charging point near you!

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Are there free electric car charging stations?

Yes! There are still free public chargers scattered around the UK and if you happen to live near one, then your road fuel bill could be reduced to zero. Most of them can be found in super markets!

Some locations also offer limited-time promotional discounts on their services; this could mean that drivers can get free electricity during certain hours (such as overnight) or are charged less than usual during those same hours.

What does kWh mean for electric cars?

One kilowatt maintained for one hour is known as a kilowatt-hour. It allows one to determine the total amount of electrical energy a given battery can produce, or the rate it can be charged at.

It's also used to represent the cost on your electricity bill.

To find out how much it costs to charge your electric car from empty to full, multiply the unit price of electricity by the capacity (in kilowatt-hours) of your car's battery.

How fast are EV charging stations?

Charging time is affected the battery size, battery charge state, charging rate and more.

Rapid chargers are also widely available in the UK, it allows you to charge up 80% of your EV's battery capacity.

In summary, for an hour of charging you get:

- Up to 15 miles at 3.7kW
- Up to 30 miles at 7kW
- Up to 90 miles at 22kW
- Up to 180 miles at 43-50kW
- Up to 400 miles at 150kW (or 200 miles in 30 mins)

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