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Why pick the Tesla Model Y?

The Model Y is Tesla's newest vehicle. It's a compact SUV that seats up to seven people and has a range of about 316 miles per charge. The car can go from 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds with an upgraded performance package, which makes it one of the fastest-accelerating passenger cars in history.

The Tesla Model Y is a compact SUV and has three rows of seats and a large trunk, which makes it perfect for families who need extra space in the vehicle. It's also an electric car, so you'll be able to drive without worrying about gas or oil changes!

In the Model Y, Tesla has built a car that not only looks like a luxury SUV but also acts like one. The company's goal was to make sure that it matched or even exceeded the performance of its pricier Model X.

In the UK, the Model Y is currently available with in versions:

  • Performance: 319 miles
  • Long Range: 331 miles

The Model Y uses the same battery architecture as the Model 3. In a move that will surprise a few Model Y fans,  it uses the same battery architecture as the Model 3 and X.

The Model Y seats seven, with two seats in the third row of seats. The third row is smaller than other second-row options, but it's still very comfortable and easy to access if you need it. It folds up easily when not in use.

The rear trunk and frunk are large enough to carry golf luggage, strollers or other items that come up often.

The trunk is large enough to fit golf bags, including those with the longest shafts. It’s not big enough to fit a stand bag, but you can easily get your driver in there with a couple of other clubs.

The frunk is big enough for strollers and shopping carts — not that you would want either one of these things in your car at all times. But if your kids have a stroller or wheelchair they need to carry around frequently, the Model Y will work just fine as an everyday vehicle.

It should be noted that while both trunks are spacious enough for most purposes (and I've had no issues fitting my 3-wood into either one), neither offers much more than minimal storage space; neither handles well when stuffed full; and neither has any sort of hooks or straps inside for keeping items from sliding around once they're loaded up.

The Model Y is a great car, but it's not perfect. But it can still make a great first EV. Why not consider subscribing to one?

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