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How does delivery and collection work with car subscriptions?

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  • Many car subscription providers will deliver your car directly to your address, and collect it when your subscription ends.
  • There’s usually a fee for car delivery and collection.
  • Some providers allow you to collect your car from their depot, so you can avoid delivery fees.
  • When it’s time to return your car, you’ll need to ensure the car is in the same condition you received it (except for some light wear and tear).

Car subscriptions are designed to make driving easy. Most subscriptions include car hire, servicing, insurance, breakdown cover and mileage in a single monthly payment. Everything’s taken care of — so when you’ve signed the contract, all that’s left is to get the car on your driveway.

Different subscription services approach this in different ways. Most providers will deliver your car or allow you to collect it. But there are often fees involved in delivery, and organising car collection can be logistically difficult if you don’t have access to public transport. 

However, with all the facts about car subscription delivery and collection upfront, you’ll be able to decide which car subscription service works for you. By the way, we tested subscribing to elmo we wrote a review describing how the delivery went.

Find out the answers to common FAQs about car delivery and collection. Then compare all the major UK providers to find the right option for you.

Do I have to collect my car or will my subscription provider deliver?

Most providers will deliver your car directly to your driveway. This makes it really convenient for you to receive your car — you won’t need to arrange a lift or public transport to the dealership.

However, there are usually costs associated with delivery, so if you live near a pickup location, this may be more cost-effective.

How long will it take for my car to be delivered?

This usually depends on the availability of the vehicle you’ve hired. Some providers offer delivery within 72 hours from subscription sign up, while others allow up to 1 month for delivery or collection.

Whether you sign up online or over the phone, the provider will arrange a delivery or collection date that suits you.

What happens if I need to change my car delivery or collection date?

As long as you give your provider enough notice, you can usually change your delivery date. This notice period varies between providers. Some only need 24 hours’ notice, while others ask to be told as much as 5 working days in advance. If you give less than the required notice, you could be charged an administration fee.

What should I do when my car is delivered?

You’ll need to be at home when your car is delivered so you can conduct the necessary checks with the delivery driver. This often involves providing them with your driver’s licence and insurance details (if this hasn’t been arranged by the subscription provider). If you won’t be at home, you may need to rearrange the date or assign a named driver to receive the car on your behalf.

The delivery driver will make a note of any existing wear and tear on the car. It’s important for you to record this as well. Taking photos of the vehicle when it’s delivered will help you return it in the same condition, so you can avoid any damage fines.

It’s also a good idea to go for a test drive in your new car, so you can see how it runs before you embark on a longer journey.

What happens when I cancel my car subscription?

When you cancel your car subscription, or your subscription expires, you can usually arrange for the car to be collected from your home. Collection fees usually apply at the same rate as delivery fees. Many providers also allow you to drop your car at their depot.

What do I have to do before my car is collected?

Regardless of how you choose to return your car, you’ll need to make sure it’s in the right condition to avoid extra charges. This includes:

  • Cleaning or valeting the car
  • Checking for damage, wear and tear
  • Checking if you’ve exceeded your mileage allowance
  • Fill with fuel or charge your car to the required amount

When you return the car, someone from the provider's team will check it over to confirm its condition. If there are any additional charges to be paid, you’ll be notified within a few weeks.

How car delivery and collection work with major UK car subscription providers

Find out how to collect and return your car from each of the UK’s major car subscription providers below.


Karzoom operates through third party dealers, each of which sets their own terms and costs for car delivery and collection. As of January 2023, they have four rental locations. Three of these can deliver or collect your car from your home address for an additional fee. Alternatively, to save money, you can pick up and drop your car off at a local dealer.

The same options apply when returning your vehicle. However, it’s important to note that if you’re more than an hour late returning your vehicle, Karzoom will charge you for an extra day’s use.


EZOO also allows car collection or delivery. If you opt for delivery, they charge £1.80 per mile (including VAT). This is calculated based on the distance from their Coventry or Glasgow locations. If you need to change your delivery date or time, you can do so for free provided you give at least 3 days’ notice.

You can return your car to a drop-off point or have it collected. If possible, get the car cleaned before you return it, as EZOO charge fairly high cleaning costs (£150 for an exterior and interior clean).


Evogo’s car collection service is a little different from other providers. When you first sign up, you have to collect the car from their Sheffield office. This allows them to complete all the initial paperwork with you in person. For future car changes or returns, Evogo will deliver or collect your car from your address for a per mile fee of £0.80 each way. 

Evogo asks that you notify them of any changes to delivery or collection information at least 48 hours before your scheduled delivery to avoid fees.


Pivotal is the car subscription service from Jaguar Land Rover. Their car delivery is included in your subscription. Delivery times depend on car availability, so they will confirm lead times for individual cars when you subscribe.

If you tell them about changes to your delivery date less than 2 working days in advance, you may be charged £250. If you’re late to return your Pivotal subscription car, they’ll charge a collection cancellation fee, plus an additional subscription fee depending on how many extra days you’ve used the car.

Pivotal also gives you the opportunity to change your car every 6 months. If you choose to change your car, Pivotal will swap them for you for no additional charge.

Care by Volvo

Care by Volvo is Volvo’s in-house car subscription service. You can collect your car from your local Volvo retailer, or they will deliver it to your home. Both services are included in your subscription. If you need to change your delivery details, you can do this free of charge providing the car hasn’t already arrived at the retailer.

Care by Volvo’s lead times are a little longer than other providers. Pre-built cars are delivered within 30 days, while personalised cars are delivered 3-8 months after subscription.

When it’s time to return your car, Volvo Care will collect it from you.


Flexed accommodates both car delivery and collection. You can collect your car from their offices in York. Alternatively, if you opt for delivery, you’ll be charged £0.89 per mile from York.

Flexed offers one of the fastest lead times of all the major car subscription providers, with most cars available 2-3 days from enquiry.

When you want to return your car to Flexed, you can drop it off at their York office or arrange car collection at the same rate as delivery.


Wagonex partners with car suppliers to offer a range of cars on subscription. As a result, their delivery and collection policy can vary between models.

Delivery and collection are both available when you subscribe with Wagonex. Collecting is simple; you’ll arrange a delivery date with your local dealership. Most of Wagonex’s partner suppliers have also committed to delivering your car up to 50 miles for free. Beyond this, you may pay a per mile fee.

On cancellation of your subscription, you can drop your car back at the dealership, or arrange collection of the vehicle from your home. Collection is usually charged at the same rate as delivery, and is also often free up to 50 miles.

Car subscription delivery and collection policies compared

Provider Receiving Delivery fee* Returns Collection fee*
Onto Delivery only £129.50 Collection only £129.50
elmo Delivery only £119 (England and Wales) Collection only Free (up to 50 miles)
Evogo Delivery or collection** 80p per mile each way from Sheffield office Collection or drop-off 80p per mile each way from Sheffield office
Pivotal Delivery only Free Collection only Free
Care by Volvo Delivery or collection Free Collection or drop-off Free
Flexed Delivery or collection 80p per mile each way from York office Collection or drop-off 80p per mile each way from York office
Wagonex Delivery or collection Free (up to 50 miles) Collection or drop-off Free (up to 50 miles)
Karzoom Delivery or collection Variable fee Collection or drop-off Variable fee
EZOO Delivery or collection £1.80 per mile each way from Glasgow or Coventry Collection or drop-off £1.80 per mile each way from Glasgow or Coventry

*Additional charges may apply if you change delivery/collection information outside the required notice period. **Initial car collection only — delivery is available for subsequent cars.

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