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About Pivotal?

Pivotal is Jaguar Land Rover’s own subscription service and runs very similarly to Care by Volvo. You can swap cars every 3 months and if you won’t need a car temporarily, you can pause your subscription.

Getting a car from Pivotal could be a great way to experience the high-end vehicles Jaguar and Land Rover have to offer, without having to worry about maintenance, road tax or insurance.

Pivotal has a tiered subscription, meaning you pick the pricing tier rather than the specific car. These are:

  • Blue - costs £850 / month and you can choose between Rover Discovery Sport, Jaguar F-PACE or Range Rover Evoque.
  • Indigo – costs £1,250 / month and you can choose between Jaguar I-PACE, Range Rover Velar, or Land Rover Discovery.
  • Violet – costs £1,550 / month and you can choose between Range Rover Sport or Land Rover Defender 110.
  • Ultraviolet – costs £2,000 / month and you can choose the high-end Range Rover.
Pivotal subscription price list

How does Pivotal work?

Unlike with other subscription services where the process is handled quickly by yourself online, with Pivotal you’ll have to submit your personal details and wait for their sales team to reach out to you.

You’ll have to provide your basic details and tier of choice. Then they will carry out checks to see if you are eligible for their car insurance, verify your identity, check your affordability (via Open Banking) and look at your past driving history (via DVLA).

You will have a mileage limit of 1,500 miles per month. More information about the fees follow below.

Driver eligibility and requirements

Pivotal’s eligibility process usually takes 3-5 working days. Here are the requirements:

  • You must be at least 28 years old.
  • Have proof of no insurance claims for a minimum of two years.
  • No previous car insurance cancelled or declined.
  • Have held a full UK or EU Driving Licence for at least two years.
  • Have no more than 6 points on your driving licence.
  • Have no major driving convictions.
  • Not have any unspent motoring convictions.
  • No active CCJ County Court Judgements (CCJ’s).
  • Meet the affordability criteria/checks.

We also have an in-depth guide which explains the driver requirements and eligibility in a lot more detail.

How much does Pivotal cost?

Pivotal is definitely on the more costly side and one obvious reason is that their cars are on the higher end. However, unlike other subscription companies there is a one-time joining fee of £550 (incl. VAT).

Here are the other usual costs involved with getting a car from Jaguar Land Rover:

  • Swapping the vehicle - £250 (if more often than every 6 months)
  • Delivery Cancellation Charge (less than 48 hours’ notice) - £295
  • Mileage fee  - £0.20 per mile or £0.40 after 2,000 miles
  • Cleaning fee - £50
  • Admin fee for fines, congestion charges and traffic offences - £25 / correspondence

There is a cooling-off period of 14 days after the delivery of your first car once you sign up.

After this, if you want to pause or cancel your Pivotal membership you will need to provide a  14-day notice.

Here's an example of what your Pivotal  subscription could look like:

  • Sign up fee - £550 (one off)
  • Car subscription - £850 (Blue tier with a Jaguar F-Pace)
  • Car insurance - £35 /month (UK average car insurance premium)
  • First month payment total - £1,435
  • Monthly payments after - £885

Why choose Pivotal?

Generally speaking, Jaguars and Land Rovers aren’t some of the most owned cars on UK roads. Early research conducted by Pivotal showed that 80% of the UK motorists haven’t driven a car from these two brands. So, getting one on subscription may be a good way to experience them.

The big benefit with Pivotal is that you can pause your subscription membership of your personal circumstances change. Then you pick it up again when you need a car. And once you are on their system, you won’t have to pay that hefty joining fee! It’s definitely not one of the cheapest options out there.

If you want to reach out to Pivotal directly, you can call . We'd appreciate it if you mention "Car Sloth" when reaching out to their team. It helps us a lot!

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FAQs about Pivotal

Can I upgrade, or downgrade my Pivotal subscription?

Yes. You can change tiers, swap your car or pause your subscription after the initial 3-month commitment.

How long will it take to get my car delivered?

For existing customers, a vehicle delivery can take up to 48 hours. When new customers have completed the onboarding, the delivery is usually within 7-10 days.

How much is the Pivotal joining fee?

New customers are required to pay a one-time fee of £550 inc VAT.