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The short-term car hire market is fragmented so we want to make finding the right car easy for you. We partner with approved vehicle subscription companies to bring you the best, in-stock Citroen cars so you can always find one that's available. 

We want to give our users access to every subscription car available today, so they can find the best one for them. Use our car search tool to narrow down your search.

Remember, our car inventory depends on UK providers, so the range of cars you’ll see depends on what subscription vehicles they currently have in stock. 

How to get a Citroen on subscription?

It’s time to find your next car! Here’s what you need to do: 

  1. Browse all available cars
  2. Find a subscription company that has it in stock
  3. Head over to their website
  4. Sign up and add your personal information
  5. Pick a subscription term (usually a monthly rolling but some providers require a minimum 3-month commitment)
  6. Pay initial subscription deposit (if applicable)
  7. Select a delivery date for your new car! 

What’s included in the monthly vehicle subscription cost?

Unlike leasing and other types of car finance, subscription services include all costs related to car ownership, including:

  • Regular vehicle maintenance
  • Servicing for when things go wrong
  • Breakdown cover
  • Car insurance
  • Road tax
  • Yearly MOT
  • Car collection and delivery (some providers charge for this)

What is the most popular Citroen car in the UK?

The most popular model is the Citroen C1 with 31,980 new car sales in Q1 of 2022. Use our car search to find one on subscription today!

A brief history of Citroen

Citroen was founded in 1919 by Andre Citroen and is known for its quirky designs and innovative technology. The company has been a major player in the motor industry since its inception and is one of the most popular brands in the UK today.

Citroen was started by Andre Citroen back in 1919 when he bought a factory that had originally been used to make munitions during World War I. He started producing cars under his own name, with the first model being released in 1924.

From then on, Citroen continued to release new models each year that were designed to be different from anything else on the road at the time. The Traction Avant was introduced in 1934 and became one of their most popular models ever produced, selling over 1 million units before production stopped in 1957.

The 2CV was another famous model produced by Citroen during this period; it was a small car that was designed specifically for rural areas where there were few roads or no roads at all! It was incredibly lightweight but also sturdy enough to cope with rough terrain easily, making it ideal for people who didn't want to use their cars every day but still wanted some independence from public transport.

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1. Subscription cost is based on the average price of all subscription cars for this brand from four UK providers in January 2023.
2. Car brand popularity based on the number of new car sales in the UK. Data taken from SMMT for June 2022.
3. Most popular model is based on data on vehicle licensing in the UK. Data taken from GOV.UK for Q2 of 2022.

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