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Hyundai IONIQ on subscription

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Why pick the Hyundai IONIQ?

The Hyundai IONIQ is a new family car that takes range anxiety out of the equation when it comes to going on road trips. The standard electric Ioniq has a range of 124 miles per charge, and with the help of UK's ever-expanding charging network and fast chargers, you are always near a charger.

The IONIQ is a family car that can get you around town with little fuss. Like other EVs, it has low running costs, so you’ll save money even if petrol prices rise. With its zero emissions design, this car will keep the air cleaner and help protect the future of the planet (if you want to do your part).

In Hyundai’s vision of a zero-emission world, smart, clean and connected technologies are the key to a better, more sustainable way of life. And this car delivers on all this. Why not subscribe to one today?

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