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The short-term car hire market is fragmented so we want to make finding the right car easy for you. We partner with approved vehicle subscription companies to bring you the best, in-stock Toyota cars so you can always find one that's available.

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How to get a Toyota on subscription?

It’s time to find your next car! Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Browse all available cars
  2. Find a subscription company that has it in stock
  3. Head over to their website
  4. Sign up and add your personal information
  5. Pick a subscription term (usually a monthly rolling but some providers require a minimum 3-month commitment)
  6. Pay initial subscription deposit (if applicable)
  7. Select a delivery date for your new car!

What’s included in the monthly vehicle subscription cost?

Unlike leasing and other types of car finance, subscription services include all costs related to car ownership, including:

  • Regular vehicle maintenance
  • Servicing for when things go wrong
  • Breakdown cover
  • Car insurance
  • Road tax
  • Yearly MOT
  • Car collection and delivery (some providers charge for this)

What is the most popular Toyota car in the UK?

The most popular model is the Toyota Yaris TR VVT-I with 53,637 new car sales in Q1 of 2022. Use our car search to find one on subscription today!

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Common questions about this manufacturer

What electric models does Toyota have?

Toyota does not have any pure all-electric models for sale on the UK market yet. However, it has many regular hybrids such as the RAV4 and Prius, as well as their plug-in hybrid counterparts. The only model that could be considered an electric Toyota vehicle would be the Mirai, which is a fuel cell electric vehicle that uses hydrogen to generate electricity. However, Toyota plans to launch at least ten new battery electric vehicles in the next five years, starting with the Toyota bZ4X, Proace City Electric and Proace Electric. These vehicles will run on battery power alone and will not have a tailpipe3, meaning that they will not emit any harmful gases.

Does Toyota have hybrid cars?

Yes, Toyota has many hybrid cars. A hybrid car is a vehicle that combines a conventional petrol engine with an electric motor and a battery. The hybrid system can switch between the two power sources or use both at the same time to optimise fuel efficiency and performance. Some of the popular Toyota hybrid models are RAV4 Hybrid (a compact SUV that offers spaciousness, versatility and all-wheel drive capability) and Prius (a hatchback that is known for its iconic design and outstanding fuel economy).

How safe are Toyota cars?

Toyota cars are generally safe and reliable. They have received high ratings from various safety organisations and agencies. For example, the 2020 Toyota Camry earned an overall rating of “Good” for crashworthiness from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), as well as a “Superior” rating for vehicle-to-vehicle front crash protection. It also received a five-star overall safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The IIHS has also awarded some Toyota models with its Top Safety Pick or Top Safety Pick+ awards, which are given to vehicles that meet rigorous standards for crash prevention and protection. For 2023, only one Toyota car, the Camry, achieved the Top Safety Pick+ award, while several other models such as the Corolla, RAV4 and Highlander earned the Top Safety Pick award.

What are some good Toyota alternatives?

There are many good Toyota alternatives depending on your preferences and needs. Some of the top Toyota competitors in the global automobile market are - Mercedes Benz, BMW, Ford, Honda, Nissan, Audi, Tesla. A specific model for certain segments include Nissan Qashqai for small SUV crossovers and Mazda CX-30.

How to choose the right Toyota for me?

To choose the right Toyota, you need to consider your needs, preferences and budget. Some questions you can ask yourself are: What car size do you need? Do you need a lot of space for passengers or cargo? What features do you want? Do you value performance, efficiency or comfort?

What are the benefits of subscribing to a Toyota?

With a car subscription service, you can drive a Toyota without owning or leasing it. You pay a monthly fee that covers insurance, maintenance, taxes and other costs. You can also switch cars or cancel anytime. This type of subscription is flexible and convenient for people who don’t want to commit to a long-term contract or deal with administrative hassles.

A brief history of Toyota

Toyota was founded back in 1937 by Kiichiro Toyoda, a textile engineer who was inspired by the automated looms that he saw while travelling in the United States. He returned to Japan with a plan to create a new type of loom, but his father said that it wouldn't work because it would be too noisy and not very efficient. So instead he applied his knowledge to cars—and created Toyota.

Toyota's first car was called the Toyopet, which translates to "Let's go everywhere." It cost just $700, and only had two seats—but it could go anywhere! And it did: after World War II, the company expanded its operations into Southeast Asia and South America.

Today, Toyota makes some of the most popular cars on the road: Prius (hybrid), Corolla (small sedan), Camry (mid-sized sedan), Highlander (SUV), RAV4 (compact SUV), Yaris (compact hatchback), Tacoma (full-size pickup truck).

1. Subscription cost is based on the average price of all subscription cars for this brand from four UK providers in April 2023.
2. Car brand popularity based on the number of new car sales in the UK. Data taken from SMMT for February 2023.
3. Most popular model is based on data on vehicle licensing in the UK. Data taken from GOV.UK for Q4 of 2022.

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