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Why pick the MG MG5?

The MG5 EV is an all-electric car manufactured by MG Motor UK. The first model was first showcased at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show.

The SUV offers a boot space of 340 litres which can be further expanded by folding down the rear seats. It's a great option if you want to subscribe to a car that doesn't need petrol or diesel and can be charged at home. The MG5 has been designed with city driving in mind, so it's a good choice if you live in the city or work there.

The latest MG5 EV also comes equipped with Vehicle-To-Load (V2L) capability, meaning users can power other electric devices using the energy stored in the battery, such as e-bikes, portable heaters or camping equipment.

Its boot space is also large enough for families who need to carry things back from supermarkets and stores.

If you are looking for an electric car, consider the MG5 EV. It is a good car for its price (especially as a short-term subscription) and offers reasonable performance.

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