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How mileage works with car subscriptions

Car subscriptions are flexible but how flexible is the mileage that comes with the membership?
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  • All UK car subscription providers include a mileage limit. The standard is usually around 1,000 miles per month.
  • Most providers allow you to upgrade your monthly mileage limit by purchasing more miles.
  • If you use more miles than your subscription plan allows, you’ll pay excess mileage charges.
  • Excess mileage charges can be anywhere from 20p to £1.25 per mile, depending on your provider and the car you choose.

Car subscriptions are designed to make driving hassle-free. With the exception of fuel, all your major driving expenses are included — from insurance to servicing. So no matter where you’re going, you can travel in stress-free style.

But while your costs are taken care of, mileage is something else you need to consider when choosing a car subscription. Because mileage is a key factor in car depreciation, most car subscription providers have mileage limits in place.

As a driver, you want to be sure you can get where you need to go without being hit by unexpected mileage charges. So how do car subscription providers account for mileage in their subscription plans — and are they as flexible as they claim to be when it comes to mileage?

Is mileage included in a car subscription?

All car subscription providers include a certain number of miles as standard. The exact amount of mileage varies from provider to provider, and in some cases from car to car. For most providers, this hovers around 1000 miles per month.

You can pay to add more mileage to your monthly plan. If you know you’ll use more than the minimum mileage each month, it’s usually cheaper to pay for more in advance. This helps you budget for your car subscription, and it means you won’t be hit by excess or overage charges.

If you’re regularly going over your agreed mileage limit, some providers allow you to upgrade your plan mid-term. So if you’re not sure how many miles you travel every month, it could be worth seeking out these flexible packages to help you save money in the long run.

What happens if you use more miles than you’ve paid for?

If you use more miles than you’ve agreed, your car subscription provider will charge an excess mileage fee. The charge differs between providers and cars, but ranges from anywhere between 20p and £1.25 per mile. Higher prices tend to be charged for cars that are less fuel efficient.

Take a look at the excess mileage charges for all the major UK car subscription providers in the comparison table below.

What happens to unused miles?

Sometimes you may not use all the miles you’ve paid for in a month. Many (though not all) car subscription providers allow you to roll unused miles over into the following month(s). If you’re super organised, you can save up miles for months when you know you’ll be travelling more.

However, your unused miles usually expire at some point. Some expire after 1 year, while others can’t be rolled over if you change your vehicle. So make sure you know the terms of your subscription plan before you set off on that lengthy road trip.

Are the rules the same for electric and non-electric vehicles?

Yes! There are currently no differences in how mileage is calculated for EVs and non-electric cars. Mileage affects the depreciation and value of a car regardless of fuel type, so car subscription providers treat these the same way.

How mileage works with major UK car subscription providers

While most providers take a similar approach to car subscription mileage, there are variations in their policies and practises that will impact different drivers.

Let’s compare the car subscription mileage policies of the major UK providers.


Karzoom offers all-inclusive car subscriptions from individual franchised dealers. The dealer takes care of any servicing or maintenance, and most other costs are included in the monthly price.

Karzoom includes 1,000 monthly miles in every car subscription. You can add up to 150 miles per week (approximately 600 miles per month) for a fee of £0.18 or £0.30 per mile, depending on the car. Excess mileage is charged at £0.35 per mile.


EZOO is an electric car subscription specialist. Subscribing to a car from EZOO is another great way to trial an EV without making a substantial upfront commitment.

EZOO includes 800 miles in its electric car subscriptions each month, but you can add more for a fee. Be aware that you can’t add miles to your subscription once it’s started.

Excess mileage charges vary from car to car. So read the small print before you decide on your car subscription.


Evogo offers a range of cars on subscription to suit all needs — from business driving to family road trips. Unlike most other providers, their car subscription is based on an 89-day plan, rather than paid monthly. They offer mileage on a per-year basis. As standard, their subscriptions include a minimum of 10,000 miles per year, which averages out at approximately 2,500 miles every 89 days, or 833 miles per month. The charge to increase the number of miles depends on the car you choose. 

Evogo has one of the heftiest excess charge policies. Depending on the car you choose, you’ll pay between 15p and £1.25 per mile if you exceed your agreed mileage. In some cases, Evogo allows drivers to adjust their mileage allowance mid-term to minimise the risk of these high overage charges.

Evogo doesn’t allow you to roll over your unused miles. However, you have the flexibility to ensure you don’t exceed your agreed mileage over the 89-day period, rather than a standard month. Read more about Evogo’s car subscription service here.


Pivotal is Jaguar Land Rover’s in-house car subscription service. As a result, you’re restricted to subscribing to their cars only. This offers drivers an opportunity to drive a premium car without a heavy financial outlay.

Pivotal includes 1,500 monthly miles with its car subscription. Unlike other providers, you can’t add more miles to your plan. Instead, if you use more than 1,500 miles per month, you’ll pay their relatively low excess mileage charge of 20p per mile, or 40p if you exceed 2,000 miles in overage.

You can roll your unused miles over into subsequent months, providing you stick with the same car. Pivotal offers drivers the opportunity to change their car every 6 months, so if you change your car, you won’t bring your unused mileage with you. More information is available in our Pivotal car subscription review.

Care by Volvo

Care by Volvo is another in-house car subscription service, so you can only subscribe to Volvo cars here. 

Care by Volvo calculates mileage on a per annum basis, offering 6000 miles per year as standard. This averages at 500 miles per month — the lowest of all major providers by some distance. The cost to upgrade this varies depending on which vehicle you choose. Their excess mileage charge is 20p per mile.

Because their mileage is calculated per year, you’ll need to ensure your miles don’t exceed your yearly allowance over the full course of your subscription. Find out more about Care by Volvo’s car subscription service here.


Flexed bases all its subscriptions on a 28-day rolling contract — so you can switch your car as often as you like. 

Flexed offers one of the more generous standard mileage plans, including 15,000 miles per year. This averages out at 1,250 miles per month. The cost to increase your mileage allowance differs with each vehicle. The excess mileage charge range is between 10p and 25p per mile (+VAT).

The short term nature of Flexed’s subscription plan means you can’t roll over your unused miles. However, should you choose to cancel your subscription at the end of your 28-day lease, they will refund you for unused days (with mileage calculated on a pro-rata daily basis).


Wagonex partners with car dealerships to provide their cars on subscription. That means they have few standardised plans, since each subscription depends on the terms of the dealership.

The monthly mileage limit varies depending on which car you choose, but they recommend a minimum of 800 miles per month. Excess charges, additional mileage and mileage rollover allowances are also subject to the terms of their individual suppliers.

Wagonex will supply this information on request, so you can find out the mileage details for specific vehicles by enquiring through their website. Find out more about getting a car subscription with Wagonex here.

Car subscription provider mileage policies compared

See the car subscription mileage policies for many UK providers at a glance in the table below.

Provider Monthly allowance Excess charge per mile Roll over unused miles Upgrade monthly mileage
Onto 750 miles 40p - £1 Yes Yes
elmo 800 miles 25p per mile Yes Yes
Evogo 833* miles 15p-£1.25 No Yes
Pivotal 1,500 miles 20p-40p Yes (same car only) Yes
Care by Volvo 500* miles 20p Yes Yes
Flexed 1,250* miles Variable No Yes
Wagonex Variable Variable Variable Yes
Karzoom 1,000 18p-30p No Yes
EZOO 800 Variable No Yes

* Monthly average based on yearly allowance.

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