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Why pick the Mini Electric?

The Mini Electric Cooper is the newest addition to the Mini family. This stylish little car is a fully electric vehicle that's great for city driving or longer journeys.

The Mini Electric is a great choice for anyone who wants an easy-to-park, fun car that provides you with the sense of freedom that comes from driving an electric vehicle.

In terms of size and feel, it’s not much different than its non-EV counterpart. It’s just as small and compact, but with a lower centre of gravity that makes it feel stable at high speeds. The steering wheel is still tight, but there's more give in this version compared to other Minis. This means you really need to plan ahead when navigating tight corners or parking spots—it's not as forgiving as other vehicles on the market today.

The Mini Electric Cooper is a small car. The traditional Mini was a small car, too, but this one is even smaller and has a futuristic design that makes it look like it's from the future.

It also has fun features like LED headlights and taillights, which help improve visibility at night. The interior is roomy enough for passengers to sit comfortably and enjoy themselves while driving around town!

The boot isn't as large as you'd expect from a Mini Cooper, though – but it's still spacious enough for most uses and has plenty of space for shopping or luggage.

If you're looking for a fun-to-drive electric car that's more affordable on a subscription than the BMW i3, the Mini Electric Cooper does the job. But it doesn't have as much range or power as its German counterpart.

If you’re looking to subscribe to an electric car and want something a bit different from the norm, then the Mini Electric Cooper is the one for you. It has great looks and drives beautifully with plenty of power on offer.

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