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Why pick the Ford Puma?

The Ford Puma was a coupe-like SUV launched in 1998 by Ford. The name comes from Africa and means "Wild Cat". It was aimed at younger drivers and offered more features than most competitors at the time.

It's changed over the years and now the Ford Puma has established itself as a great small SUV - not only does it handle like a sports car, but it also gives you the space and practicality you need from such a vehicle class. Featuring an all-new platform, an aluminium body for weight savings, and seating for five adults, the Puma is more fun than its looks suggest!

If you love outdoor adventures and the freedom that comes with owning a vehicle that can handle anything, look no further than Puma. The Puma is for those who love travelling in great style and staying comfortable wherever they go.

If you love cars and small SUVs, then this is the one for you. The Puma has a unique design and is practical enough for everyday use, so why not subscribe to one today?

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