Fault claim: What does it mean?

A claim made when an accident is your fault and you’re liable for the damage. Or it could be that the accident isn’t your fault but there’s no one to claim against. For example, a deer jumps into the road, or another driver causes the accident then drives off. If this is the case, it counts as a fault claim and you might be liable to pay for repairs. You could also lose your no claims discount.

Fault claim: The long answer

A fault claim in the context of car insurance refers to a situation where a driver is involved in an accident or incident that is deemed to be their fault.

In the UK, when a driver makes a fault claim, it means that they are responsible for the damages or injuries caused in the accident.

This claim is typically made to their car insurance company, who will then assess the claim and provide compensation to the affected parties.

It is important for UK drivers to understand that fault claims can impact their future insurance premiums and may also result in the loss of any no-claims bonus they have accumulated.