Approved repairer: What does it mean?

Someone your insurance provider recommends using to fix your car and assess the damage after you’ve made a claim on your car insurance. You don’t have to use an approved repairer, but if you don’t, you might have to pay an extra charge. If you do use an , you’ll often get an extended guarantee (usually three years) on the work.

Approved repairer: The long answer

An approved repairer is a term used in the UK to refer to a car repair garage or workshop that has been officially recognised and authorised by an insurance company or a car manufacturer. These repairers have met certain standards and criteria set by the insurance company or manufacturer, ensuring that they have the necessary skills, equipment, and expertise to carry out repairs to a high standard.

For UK drivers, using an approved repairer can be beneficial in several ways. Firstly, it often guarantees that the repairs will be carried out using genuine parts, ensuring the quality and compatibility of the replacement components. This can be particularly important for maintaining the warranty of a newer vehicle.

Secondly, using an approved repairer can simplify the claims process with insurance companies. In the event of an accident or damage claim, the insurance company may have a network of approved repairers that they work with directly. This can streamline the process, allowing drivers to get their cars repaired quickly and efficiently, with the insurance company managing the payment and paperwork directly with the repairer.

Lastly, using an approved repairer can provide drivers with peace of mind, knowing that their vehicle is being repaired by professionals who have been vetted and approved by reputable organisations. This can help ensure that the repairs are carried out to a high standard, minimising the risk of any further issues down the line.

Overall, an approved repairer is a trusted and authorised car repair facility that UK drivers can rely on for quality repairs, efficient claims processes, and peace of mind.