Duty of disclosure: What does it mean?

Under the duty of disclosure, it’s your responsibility to inform your insurance provider straight away of any changes to your personal circumstances, such as moving house or changing vehicles.

Duty of disclosure: The long answer

In the UK, the term "duty of disclosure" refers to the legal obligation of drivers to provide accurate and complete information to their insurance company when applying for car insurance or making a claim.

It is essential for UK drivers to disclose all relevant details about their driving history, previous accidents, modifications made to their vehicle, and any other factors that could potentially impact their insurance coverage.

This duty is crucial as it helps insurance companies assess the risk of insuring a particular driver and determine the appropriate premiums to charge.

Failure to fulfil this duty by intentionally withholding or misrepresenting information could result in the insurance company voiding the policy or refusing to pay out claims.

Therefore, it is important for UK drivers to be transparent and honest when it comes to disclosing information to their insurance provider to ensure they are adequately covered and compliant with the law.