Driver screening: What does it mean?

Background check on driver's record including DMV reports, credit checks and sometimes interviews.

Driver screening: The long answer

Driver screening (or driver eligibility) refers to the process of evaluating and assessing potential drivers before they are allowed to subscribe to a car subscription service. It is a crucial step in ensuring the safety and security of both the vehicle and the passengers.

In the context of car subscriptions, driver screening involves a comprehensive background check of the individual's driving history, criminal record, and creditworthiness. This is done to determine whether the person meets the necessary criteria to be granted access to the service.

The primary objective of driver screening is to minimise the risk of accidents, theft, and misuse of the subscribed vehicles. By thoroughly examining an individual's driving history, car subscription companies can identify any patterns of reckless driving, traffic violations, or accidents. This information helps them assess the potential risks associated with granting a subscription to that particular driver.

Additionally, conducting a criminal record check is essential to ensure the safety of other subscribers and the general public. Car subscription services have a responsibility to provide a secure environment for their customers, and screening potential drivers for any criminal history helps in achieving this goal.

Moreover, evaluating the creditworthiness of the driver is crucial for car subscription companies to assess the financial responsibility of the individual. This is because a car subscription involves a financial commitment, and companies need to ensure that the driver is capable of meeting their financial obligations.

Overall, driver screening plays a vital role in car subscriptions, as it helps car subscription companies make informed decisions about who they allow to subscribe to their service. By thoroughly examining an individual's driving history, criminal record, and creditworthiness, these companies can minimise risks and provide a safe and secure experience for all their subscribers.