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About Sixt+

Sixt is an established car rental firm with services available in more than 105 countries. They’ve now launched Sixt+, a car subscription service that allows drivers to subscribe to a car for as little as one month.

Like other car subscription services, you pay a fixed monthly fee to drive the car of your choice. This fee includes all the essential payments (like MOT, servicing, and road tax), so drivers don’t need to worry about unexpected maintenance fees. Everything’s taken care of upfront.

Sixt+ is an established name, with locations all over the UK (and even internationally). So no matter where you live, you’ll have relatively close access to a Sixt station. Plus, the Sixt app makes it easy for you to manage your car subscription from your phone.

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How does Sixt+ work?

You can subscribe to a Sixt+ car online. Here’s how it works:

  1. Browse the Sixt+ website to find a car you like. Note that this isn’t necessarily the exact car you’ll get; Sixt+ groups similar cars together by their ACRISS code (each letter defines a vehicle characteristic). The vehicle you’re assigned is decided at the Sixt station on the day of collection.
  2. Choose your nearest branch and the date you’d like to pick up your car.
  3. Select your mileage plan (500 miles are included for free, but you can upgrade this for a fee).
  4. Choose any optional extras, such as child seats, additional drivers, or courtesy car guarantee.
  5. Subject to car availability and passing a credit check, your subscription request will be approved.
  6. Pick up your car from the selected Sixt station on the agreed date.

Sixt+ car subscriptions have a maximum duration of 90 days, or three subscription periods of 30 days each. So you can renew your subscription twice before you must return the car. This works for short term subscribers, but it’s not the best for those who want the option of driving their car for longer periods.

Driver eligibility and requirements

To be eligible for a Sixt+ car subscription, you must:

  • Be aged 21 or over (a young driver surcharge applies to those aged 21-25).
  • Have held a full valid UK/EU driving licence for at least 12 months.
  • Have no more than 6 points on your licence.
  • Pass Sixt’s car subscription credit check.

How much does Sixt+ cost?

Sixt+ car subscription costs currently range from £769 to £2,299 per month for a basic subscription with zero added extras — making this one of the more expensive car subscription services.

The cost of a basic Sixt+ car subscription includes:

  • Vehicle hire.
  • 500 miles — you can add up to 3,000 miles for an additional fee.
  • All mandatory fees.
  • Routine maintenance and servicing.
  • Third party insurance.
  • Loss damage waiver.

You’re also required to pay a one-off subscription fee of £249 or £499, and a variable security deposit. The deposit is refunded on return of the car.

You’ll also pay more for any added extras, such as roadside assistance, courtesy cars, additional drivers, and child seats. As a result, Sixt+ doesn’t offer that many benefits as standard — but it gives you greater control over which extras you want to include.

Why choose Sixt+?

Sixt+ may be a good choice for people looking to take out a car subscription with an established company. It’s more expensive and less flexible than many other services, but if you want the reassurance of a familiar name, it may be the right choice for you.

This subscription service is best if you only need a car for the short-term (i.e. 3 months or less). This can work if you want to test drive a car before you make a purchase (although be mindful that you may not be assigned the exact car you choose online).

Sixt+ doesn’t include too many benefits as standard, so you’ll pay a premium to include fairly basic perks like roadside assistance. However, there are lots of add-ons to choose from, so it’s good for those who want a no-frills or heavily customised car subscription.

If you want to reach out to SIXT+ directly, you can call . We'd appreciate it if you mention "Car Sloth" when reaching out to their team. It helps us a lot!

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FAQs about SIXT+

Can I keep my car longer than 90 days?

No. With Sixt+, you can only renew your subscription twice (i.e. up to 90 days) before you must return it. At this point, you can take out a new car subscription and select another car (you won’t need to pay the sign-up fee again if you do this).

Can I choose which car I get?

Sixt+ groups cars according to their ACRISS classification. This accounts for car size, number of doors, transmission type, and fuel type. So while you’ll know the essentials (e.g. a compact 3-door manual petrol vehicle), you won’t know exactly which car you’re getting until the day of collection. That means you can’t select vehicle customisation options like colour beforehand.

How often can you swap your car with Sixt+?

You can swap your Sixt+ car every month if you want to. It’s a good way to test drive lots of different cars before buying, or get experience of driving a range of vehicles.