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Can I subscribe to a car when I am retired?

Retired and want to enjoy the flexibility of vehicle subscriptions? Read this.
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Our team spotted this question on social media, so we decided to answer it here and give more context.

You may be interested in subscribing to a car as a retired individual. This service allows you to pay a monthly fee to use a vehicle for a certain period, similar to a traditional car lease. 

So, yes, a retired person can subscribe to a car in the UK. 

We checked the driver eligibility terms and conditions of the leading UK subscription providers, and they don’t have specific clauses prohibiting retirees from hiring a car on a subscription basis. 

Key considerations

However, some of them have an age restriction in place. Here’s how each provider stacks up:

  • Onto - drivers must be aged between 25 to 85 years.
  • Electric Zoo (ezoo) - drivers must be aged between 25 to 75 years.
  • Karzoom - drivers must be aged between 23 to 75 years.
  • Mocean - drivers must be aged between 25 to 75 years.
  • Wagonex - no maximum age restriction.
  • Elmo - no maximum age restriction.
  • My Car Direct - no maximum age restriction.
  • Care By Volvo - no maximum age restriction.
  • Pivotal - no maximum age restriction.
  • Voltric - no maximum age restriction.

Car subscriptions can be a convenient choice for retired individuals who don't want to commit to buying or leasing a car long-term. It allows you to easily upgrade or switch to a different car if your needs change, and many subscriptions include maintenance, insurance, and roadside assistance in the monthly fee.

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