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The best electric car subscriptions in Liverpool

Say goodbye to the long-term commitments and unexpected costs of car ownership with flexible subscriptions.

A truly flexible alternative to car leasing
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Drive a subscription car in Liverpool from just £399 pcm*
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How to use Car Sloth to subscribe to a car if you live in Liverpool

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Is car subscription worth it when living in Liverpool?

There are several reasons why subscribing to an electric car could be right for you!

Road trips in the summer

It can be a convenient and flexible alternative to buying or leasing a car, especially if you live in Liverpool where parking can be expensive.

In this case, committing to a three-year-long lease probably doesn't make a lot of sense. However, if you want a car to get out of Liverpool and drive to the surrounding areas or enjoy a long weekend in North Wales, a subscription could make sense.

You can return the car after a few months when you're ready.

A handy second car

If you live in Liverpool but frequently visit a rural area where a small city car is impractical, a second one can be useful for those trips. In many cases, subscribing to a car can be an excellent alternative to owning a second car outright.

You can choose from various models, cancel or swap your car anytime, and pay one monthly fee covering everything except fuel.

If you are considering buying a new car but want to try it out first, or if you are waiting for your ordered car to arrive, subscribing to a car can be a good way to bridge the gap.

Common questions from our Liverpool users

How quickly after I sign up can I be driving my car?

Once you've picked a subscription provider, it only takes a few minutes to sign up and create an account. Some providers would deliver your car within 7 days, while other may allow you to go and pick it up in person.

Will subscription providers check my credit report?

Providers may carry out a 'soft' credit search to confirm your identity and look at whether you can afford the monthly payments. Car subscriptions don't appear on your credit report, unlike car finance.

Which car brands offer subscriptions?

Well-known car manufacturers now offer subscriptions directly, these include Volvo, Hyundai, Genesis and Jaguar Land Rover. There also independent providers such as Drive Fuze, Voltric, My Car Direct and others.

* The monthly contract cost is based on the cheapest available car subscription out of 33 cars in June 2024.