December 29, 2021

Revealed: UK’s most popular cars on subscription of 2021

Volkswagen Golf takes the title of the UK’s most popular subscription car of 2021.

  • Volkswagen Golf takes the title of the UK’s most searched-for subscription car model for 2021.
  • However, Tesla is the public’s most desirable brand for cars on subscription, rising above BMW.
  • Electric vehicles alone accounted for 23% of all car searches.
  • Google search volume for car subscription has gone up +118% YoY.
  • The full data set is available for download.

This year, the UK’s most popular subscription car is a Volkswagen Golf, according to the analysis of over 1,500 car subscription searches carried out on In terms of the most searched for car brand, Tesla made its way to the top, closely followed by BMW and Audi.

Demand for car subscriptions continued to grow in 2021 despite the lower overall new car sales due to the pandemic. Car subscription is seen as a flexible option for car ownership without the long-term financial commitment.  

Top 10 most popular car brands of 2021 (based on searches):

Car brand Searches
Tesla 162
BMW 150
Audi 143
Mercedes-Benz 123
Volkswagen 116
Ford 94
Hyundai 94
Kia 88
Vauxhall 56
Land Rover 53

Tesla is named as 2021’s most-searched-for car brand with a total of 162 searches since February 2021. BMW followed in second place with 150 searches and Audi with 143.

The data also shows the high interest in electric vehicles with Tesla Model 3, Hyundai Ioniq and Renault Zoe making their way in the top 10 model-specific searches.

Top 10 most popular car models of 2021 (based on searches):

Car model Searches
Volkswagen Golf 57
Tesla Model 3 50
Renault ZOE 34
Hyundai Ioniq 26
Volkswagen ID.3 24
Vauxhall Corsa 21
Range Rover 20
Fiat 500 20
Volkswagen Tiguan 16
Nissan Leaf 15

When we look at the demand for car subscription services as a whole, the segment has more than doubled over the past year (+118% YoY growth in Google search volume).

Average monthly search volume over the past 4 years for the top car subscription keywords. Data comes from Google Keyword Planner.
Source: Google Keyword Planner’s director says: “Clearly, 2021 has been a great year for car subscription services with even more people deciding to get a car this way. With so many companies like Wagonex, Onto, Cazoo and others, there is a lot more choice now. People can find the right car for their budget and taste.

It’s interesting to see that Tesla is at the top of the list for the most-searched-for brand. This is probably driven by the high cost of buying which may be a barrier for many. But with a subscription service, people can pay a bit more upfront and experience owning an EV for a few months without the three or four-year commitment that comes with other types of car finance. “  


Notes to editors

Data is taken from website search analytics. The research is based on 1,561 unique searches carried out between 01.02.2021 and 29.12.2021. Data included in this press release may not be representative of the country as a whole.

Data on Google searches is taken from Google Keyword Planner and covers December 2017 to November 2021.

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