Type 2 Plug: What does it mean?

Triple-phase plug. In Europe, the type 2 plug is the standard plug for charging electric cars. It allows for charging power levels of up to 22 kW (400 V, 32 A).

Type 2 Plug: The long answer

A Type 2 Plug is a car charging connector commonly used in the UK for electric vehicles. It is also known as a Mennekes plug and is the most widely adopted standard for EV charging in Europe, including the UK. The Type 2 Plug features a rectangular shape with seven pins and is designed for both alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) charging.

UK drivers may come across Type 2 Plugs at public charging stations, where they can connect their electric vehicles to recharge their batteries. These plugs are compatible with various charging speeds, allowing drivers to charge their EVs at different power levels depending on their vehicle's capability and the available infrastructure.

To use a Type 2 Plug, UK drivers will typically need an electric vehicle with a Type 2 inlet port. They can then connect the plug to their vehicle's charging port, ensuring a secure and reliable connection. Many electric cars also come with built-in Type 2 charging cables for convenience.

Type 2 Plugs are designed to be safe and user-friendly, with features such as automatic locking mechanisms and integrated control pilot signals to ensure proper communication between the vehicle and the charging station. This helps drivers easily and safely charge their electric vehicles, contributing to the growing adoption of electric mobility in the UK.