Trim: What does it mean?

The level of equipment and options fitted to a particular version of a car model. Higher trim levels add more features but increase price.

Trim: The long answer

In the context of cars, "trim" refers to the different levels or versions of a particular car model that are available for purchase. Each trim level offers a varying range of features, equipment, and styling options.

In the UK, car manufacturers often offer multiple trims for their models, allowing drivers to choose the level of luxury, performance, and technology that suits their preferences and budget. The trim levels are usually denoted by different names or designations, such as "SE," "Sport," "GT," or "Premium."

The higher the trim level, the more advanced features and equipment the car will typically have. For example, a higher trim level may offer upgraded upholstery, larger alloy wheels, a more powerful engine, advanced safety features, a premium sound system, or a touchscreen infotainment system.

When buying a car in the UK, it's important for drivers to consider the different trim levels available for their desired model. This allows them to select the trim that best aligns with their needs and desired level of comfort and convenience. It's also worth noting that higher trim levels often come with a higher price tag, so drivers should carefully consider their budget and priorities when making a decision.