Tethered/untethered chargepoint: What does it mean?

Refers to whether the charger has a permanently fixed lead.

Tethered/untethered chargepoint: The long answer

A tethered chargepoint refers to an electric vehicle charging station where the charging cable is permanently attached to the charger. This means that when you arrive at the charging station, you do not need to bring your own charging cable as it is already connected to the charger. All you need to do is plug the other end of the cable into your electric vehicle.

On the other hand, an untethered chargepoint does not have a permanently attached charging cable. Instead, you need to bring your own charging cable and connect it to the charger whenever you want to charge your electric vehicle.

In the UK, both tethered and untethered chargepoints are commonly found. Some drivers prefer tethered chargepoints as they don't have to worry about carrying a charging cable with them. However, others prefer untethered chargepoints as they offer more flexibility, allowing them to use their own charging cable, which may be longer or more suitable for their specific vehicle. Ultimately, it depends on the driver's preference and convenience.