SAE-J1772: What does it mean?

The North American standard for electrical connectors for electric vehicles.

SAE-J1772: The long answer

SAE-J1772 is a car-related term that refers to the standard charging connector used for electric vehicles (EVs) in the UK. It is a type of plug that allows EVs to be charged from a charging station or a wall-mounted charger. The SAE-J1772 connector is widely used across the UK and recognised as the EV charging standard.

This connector is designed to ensure safety and compatibility between different EV models and charging infrastructure. It consists of a rectangular plug with five pins, including two power pins, two communication pins, and a ground pin. The power pins carry the electricity from the charging station to the EV's battery, while the communication pins enable data exchange between the vehicle and the charger.

In the UK, the SAE-J1772 connector is commonly found in public charging stations, workplaces, and even residential areas where EV owners have installed home chargers. It provides a convenient and reliable way to charge electric vehicles, allowing drivers to recharge their cars efficiently and safely.

As a UK driver, understanding the SAE-J1772 connector is essential when using public charging infrastructure or considering purchasing an electric vehicle. Being familiar with this car-related term ensures that you can easily connect your EV to charging stations and make the most of the growing electric vehicle charging network in the UK.