Range anxiety: What does it mean?

This refers to the anxious feeling of operating an electric vehicle with the fear of running out of battery charge while driving.

Range anxiety: The long answer

Range anxiety refers to the concern, or worries that electric vehicle (EV) drivers may experience regarding the limited range or distance their vehicle can travel on a single charge. This term is particularly relevant in the UK due to the country's relatively smaller size compared to other countries, which may lead to concerns about finding charging stations and the availability of charging infrastructure for longer journeys.

UK drivers may experience range anxiety when planning longer trips, as they need to ensure sufficient charging stations along their route to recharge their EV's battery. This concern arises from the fear of running out of battery power before reaching their destination or a charging point, leaving them stranded.

The UK government and various organisations have been working to address range anxiety by expanding the charging infrastructure across the country. Initiatives like the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme and the On-street Residential Chargepoint Scheme aim to increase the availability of charging points, especially in residential areas and public spaces.

Furthermore, the UK is actively investing in rapid charging networks along major roadways, enabling EV drivers to quickly recharge their vehicles during long journeys. This ongoing development helps alleviate range anxiety and encourages more drivers to switch to electric vehicles.

Overall, range anxiety is a term familiar to UK drivers who own or are considering purchasing an electric vehicle. However, with the increasing availability of charging infrastructure and advancements in EV technology, this concern is gradually being overcome, making electric vehicles a more viable and convenient option for drivers across the country.