Range: What does it mean?

The distance you can travel on pure electric power before the battery requires a recharge.

Range: The long answer

In the context of cars, a "range" refers to the distance that a vehicle can travel on a full tank of fuel or a full charge for electric vehicles. It represents the maximum distance a car can cover before it needs to refuel or recharge.

For UK drivers, understanding the range of their vehicles is crucial for planning long journeys or determining when to refuel. It allows drivers to estimate how far they can travel without running out of fuel or power, helping them to plan their routes and make necessary fuel stops along the way.

The range of a car can vary depending on various factors such as the type of fuel, engine efficiency, driving conditions, and vehicle weight. Electric vehicles, for example, have an electric range that indicates how far they can travel solely on electric power before needing to be charged.

It's important for UK drivers to be aware of their car's range and consider factors like fuel efficiency, driving style, and the availability of charging stations when planning their journeys. Being mindful of the range can help drivers avoid running out of fuel or power in remote areas or during long trips, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted driving experience.