Pure electric: What does it mean?

A vehicle powered solely by electric motors using power provided by on-board batteries.

Pure electric: The long answer

Pure electric refers to a type of car that is powered solely by electricity, without any reliance on petrol or diesel.

In the UK, Pure electric cars are becoming increasingly popular due to their environmental benefits and cost savings.

These vehicles are powered by rechargeable batteries, which can be charged at home or at public charging stations.

Pure electric cars produce zero tailpipe emissions, making them more environmentally friendly compared to traditional combustion engine vehicles.

Additionally, they offer lower running costs as electricity is generally cheaper than petrol or diesel.

Pure Electric cars also benefit from government incentives such as grants and reduced road tax rates.

However, it's important for UK drivers to consider the availability of charging infrastructure and the range limitations of Pure Electric cars, as these factors can impact their practicality for longer journeys.