Marque: What does it mean?

The make or brand of a vehicle e.g. Ford, Vauxhall, BMW.

Marque: The long answer

In the context of cars, the term "marque" refers to the brand or manufacturer of a vehicle. It is a common term used by car enthusiasts and professionals in the UK. When someone mentions a car's marque, they are referring to the specific brand that produced that particular vehicle.

For example, if someone says they drive a "Jaguar marque," it means they own a car manufactured by the luxury British brand Jaguar. Similarly, if someone mentions the "Ford marque," it refers to vehicles produced by the American automaker Ford.

Knowing the marque of a car can provide insights into its reputation, heritage, and overall quality. Different marques often have distinct characteristics and target different market segments. Understanding the marque can help UK drivers make informed decisions when purchasing or discussing cars.