KiloWatt (kW) and KiloWatt hours (kWh): What does it mean?

Units for measuring electricity flow and battery size.

KiloWatt (kW) and KiloWatt hours (kWh): The long answer

In the UK, a Kilowatt (kW) is a unit of power used to measure the rate at which energy is consumed or produced by a car's engine. It indicates the engine's capacity to generate power. The higher the kW rating, the more powerful the engine will likely be.

On the other hand, a Kilowatt-hour (kWh) is a unit of energy used to measure the total amount of electricity consumed by a car over time. It represents the energy capacity of the car's battery or the amount of energy used to charge it. The kWh rating is essential for electric vehicles as it determines their range or how far they can travel on a single charge.

Understanding these terms is crucial for UK drivers as it helps them assess the power and efficiency of different vehicles. kW is often mentioned in car specifications, providing an indication of the car's performance capabilities. kWh, on the other hand, is particularly relevant for electric vehicle owners, as it determines the range they can expect from their vehicle before needing to recharge.