Euro NCAP: What does it mean?

An independent body that crash tests new cars and publishes safety ratings to help buyers choose safer cars. Uses a 5 star rating system.

Euro NCAP: The long answer

The European New Car Assessment Programme (Euro NCAP) is a car safety rating system that is widely recognised and respected in the UK. It is designed to evaluate and compare the safety performance of new cars sold in Europe, including the UK.

Euro NCAP conducts rigorous crash tests and assesses various safety features and technologies to determine the overall safety rating of a car. The program evaluates factors such as adult occupant protection, child occupant protection, pedestrian protection, and safety assist systems.

For UK drivers, Euro NCAP ratings provide valuable information and guidance when choosing a new car. The ratings are displayed prominently in car advertisements and showrooms, allowing drivers to make informed decisions about the safety of different models.

The Euro NCAP ratings range from one to five stars, with a five-star rating indicating the highest level of safety. UK drivers can trust these ratings as they are based on extensive testing and evaluation by independent experts.

By considering the Euro NCAP ratings, UK drivers can prioritise safety and choose a car that offers the best protection for themselves, their passengers, and other road users.