Electronic Parking Brake: What does it mean?

Parking brake operated by an electric switch rather than manual lever. Often engages automatically when engine switched off.

Electronic Parking Brake: The long answer

An Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) is a car feature that replaces the traditional handbrake lever with an electronic switch or button. When activated, the EPB engages the vehicle's braking system to hold the car in place when parked, without the need for a physical handbrake.

In the UK, the EPB has become increasingly popular in modern cars due to its convenience and space-saving design. It is commonly found in both manual and automatic vehicles.

To engage the EPB, drivers simply need to press the switch or button, and the system will apply the brakes automatically. This eliminates the need to pull a handbrake lever and physically engage the brakes.

One advantage of the EPB is that it can automatically release the brakes when the driver accelerates, making it easier and quicker to get moving again. Additionally, the EPB often includes an auto-hold function that keeps the car stationary at traffic lights or in stop-start traffic, even when the driver takes their foot off the brake pedal.

Overall, the Electronic Parking Brake offers UK drivers a more convenient and user-friendly way to secure their vehicles when parked, while also providing additional features that enhance driving comfort and ease.