CO2 Emissions: What does it mean?

Carbon dioxide produced as a by-product of burning fuel in a car's engine. Contributes to climate change so carmakers aim to reduce CO2 emissions.

CO2 Emissions: The long answer

CO2 emissions refer to the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere by a vehicle. In the UK, it is a crucial term for drivers as it directly affects vehicle taxation and environmental impact.

The higher the CO2 emissions of a car, the more it contributes to air pollution and climate change. UK drivers need to be aware of the CO2 emissions of their vehicles as it determines the annual road tax they have to pay.

The government has introduced a graduated Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) system, where vehicles with higher CO2 emissions are subject to higher taxes. Additionally, CO2 emissions are also taken into account for congestion charges in certain cities, such as London's Low Emission Zone.

Therefore, understanding and minimising CO2 emissions is essential for UK drivers to make environmentally conscious choices and reduce their impact on the environment.