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Choosing an EV charging cable bag

Prolong the longevity of your electric car's charging cable!
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  • An electric car cable bag is essential for protecting and prolonging the lifespan of your EV charging cable.
  • The best EV charging cable bags are durable, waterproof, and dust- and corrosion-resistant.
  • Cheaper bags won’t give you as much protection as more expensive ones, which start at around £30 and offer more protection.

When you invest in expensive equipment like charging cables for your electric car, it’s important to keep them safe. An EV cable bag will protect your charging cable and keep it tidy, preventing damage, theft, and ensuring it’s neatly stowed when not in use.

Many EV cable charging bags are available — but there are differences in quality and functionality you should look out for. Here’s your guide to choosing an EV cable bag.

Why do you need an EV cable bag?

  • Keep wires safe — damaged wires can stop working, or even become a fire hazard. An EV cable storage bag will protect the charger from sharp objects when not in use.
  • Increase cable lifespan — taking care of your cables will keep them in good working order for longer, saving money in the long run.
  • Prevent tangles — avoid getting your wires caught up or tangled, which can damage them.
  • Portability — an EV cable storage bag makes it easy to transport your charger wherever you go.
  • Prevent theft — keeping your charging cable out of sight and in a safe place can deter thieves.
  • Protect pets and children — hide your electric car charging cable from pets and children to make sure they can’t harm themselves..

How to choose the best EV charging cable bag

Purpose-made electric car cable storage bags are designed with the durability, flexibility, and size requirements you need for EV charging cables. Other cable bags may not be larger enough to fit EV charging cables, or offer the level of protection you need. Here’s what you need to get the best EV charging cable bag in the UK.


The best electric car charging cable bags:

  • Have a hard shell to offer maximum protection.
  • Include handles for easy transportation.
  • Are waterproof.
  • Will keep your cable free from dust and corrosion.


Most charging cables are either 5 metres or 10 metres in length. So your EV charger cable bag should be large enough to accommodate your charger, without being cumbersome or having too much excess space.

Invest in a cable bag that’s designed to hold your specific cable length. Check the depth of the bag against the widest part of your cable to ensure a good fit.

What is the cheapest EV cable charging bag?

The cheapest EV cable bags are available for around £8. Be mindful that these cheaper bags typically have a soft shell, so may not give the highest levels of protection.

You can get slightly more robust electric vehicle charger bags for just a few pounds more. Hard shell cable bags, which offer the best protection, typically start at around £30.

Don’t be tempted by all-purpose cheaper cable bags. They probably won’t have the safety and design features you need for charging cables. For example, they may claim to be suitable for holding cables up to 25 metres in length — but this generally means thin household appliance wires rather than thicker charging cables.

Others are water-resistant but not waterproof, meaning they may not offer complete protection against moisture.

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Should I buy an expensive cable bag?

If you’re simply looking for a way to store and carry your EV charger cable, a cheap cable bag will do the trick. But if you want proper protection, we recommend you invest in one of the more expensive options (approximately £30). It can prolong the lifespan of your charger, so you won’t need to replace it as quickly — saving you money and hassle.

Tips for keeping your EV charging cable safe

Should you get a cable bag if you're subscribing to an EV?

If you’re going for an electric car on subscription, you may want to avoid spending money on too many EV accessories as the car should come with a bag. But an EV cable bag is essential for anyone who’s invested in an more premium electric car charging cable. It’ll protect your cable so it can be used for future electric cars, as well as your current car subscription.

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